Walton pursues its 21st century’s vision of becoming a true universal hi-tech electronics brand by flourishing innovative design and drive through latest technology at every stage of production to reach maximum customer satisfaction worldwide. Walton has commenced its export business since ­­­­2010 and sets the vision to become the supreme electrical, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other appliances company of the world by 2020. Walton is now ready to take off to capture the international manufacturers market as a supplier of spare parts and compressors along with Refrigerators, Freezers, LED Television, Air conditioners, Motorcycles, and Home appliances as completely built unit.
Walton products hold a posh volume of share in local and international market by ensuring the best quality with world class features. Walton products has obtained millions of praise and trust from the people of India, Nepal, Bhutan,Myanmar, United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,Qatar, Jordan, Iraq,  Sudan, Nigeria and many more countries in the world. Nevertheless, Walton is taking preparation to enter other international markets like Australia, Europe, USA, South Africa, Singapore, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Ghana and CIS Countries in upcoming years.
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