Walton, the country’s leading electronics, electrical and automobile products manufacturing and marketing company, has taken widespread preparations to meet the local demand for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television sets.
According to sources, Walton has taken the initiative as the demand for Walton brand television sets have increased significantly at home and aboard.  Walton brand television sets have increased by 62 percent this year from the demand of previous year.
It can be here mentioned that the television industry in Bangladesh is going ahead swiftly. The qualities of the local products have also amplified, and the prices of the products have also declined simultaneously.
Side-by-side the demand for television sets has peaked ahead of T20 World Cup Cricket tournament scheduled to be started from today (Sunday).
For the first time, Bangladesh has arranged such kind of mega tournament. Cricket fans, who were not able to manage tickets, will depend on the television sets to enjoy the tournament.
To meet the increasing demand, Walton has taken huge preparations to manufacture television sets, specially CRT sets.
Walton has already completed all works of new manufacturing unit of Walton Micro-tech Industries set up on 300 bighs of land at Chandra in Gazipur, the outskirts of capital Dhaka.
Various models of highly technology incorporated smart television, LCD, LED, 2K LED, 4K LED are being manufactured there side-by-side manufacturing of different necessary parts of televisions like PCB board, panel, mother board and cabinet.  
Experts are very much optimistic about the rising television manufacturing sector in the country as meeting the local demand, television sets manufactured in Bangladesh are being exported to 17 countries of the world.
It can be here mentioned, some companies have invested huge amount of money in the sector and are now manufacturing television sets. Among the companies, Walton is on the top list and other companies are Nippon, Sony-Rangs, Philips, Shahanur, Hamim Electronics, Jamuna and LG Butter Fly. A local company Nitol Electronics has also taken an initiative to manufacture television sets.
According to sources, about 12 lakh to 13 lakh television sets are manufactured and assembled in the country annually. About  2 lakh television sets are imported every year.
In the fiscal of 2012-2013, about 14 lakh and 44 thousand television sets were sold in the country, and in the first six months of current fiscal about 7 lakh and 38 thousands were sold.
Mohabbat Ullah, managing director of Nippon Industries and former president of Bangladesh TV Manufacturers Association, said: “Many of initiatives to manufacture television sets have stopped due to lack of proper policy and other facilities”.
Mofizur Rahman, president of Bangladesh of TV Manufacturers Association, said: “About 100 local entrepreneurs have invested in the TV manufacturing sector, but they are lagging behind due to lack of proper facilities”.   
Lokman Hossain Akash, chief of the international marketing department of Walton, said: “Made in Bangladesh written Walton brand products have gained huge popularity at home and aboard. Walton has set up a state-of-the-art factory to manufacture 10 lakh television sets annually, of which five lakh to be exported”.
Walton will bring some latest models of CRT television sets in this April. At present, various models of Walton LCD and LED television sets from 19-inch to 85-inch are being sold, he added.
According to sources, Walton brand television sets are on the top list of local customers due to color variation and its countrywide network.
Walton is the country’s sole ISO certified company in the sector and over 500 engineers and technicians are working with the company to improve and maintain quality.


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