The country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ has launched new model air conditioner with Ionizer technology in the local market.

The latest version AC of Walton will ensure pure and healthy air across the room through filtering dusts, smoke, bacteria and odor from room air with a device named Ionizer.

To this extent, Engineer Md. Ishaque Rony, in-charge of Walton AC Sourcing Engineering Deptt, said, the Ionizer device in Walton AC will generate negative ion to filter dusts, smoke, bacteria and odor from room air and ensure pure and healthy air across the air. Thus, he termed the new technology as ‘Lung Doctor.’

Initially, the local brand is manufacturing and marketing 24,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) AC of Ionizer technology. Price of this latest version AC is set at Tk 56,900 for the local buyers. The authorities concerned of the local brand also informed that they will soon introduce 18,000 BTU’s AC of this technology.

Walton authorities said a group of highly meritorious, experienced and skilled engineers of Research and Development Department of Walton AC are relentlessly conducting massive research to bring world’s latest technology based air conditioners to the local market. As a result, they introduced huge energy efficient AC of intelligent inverter technology. Now, they added Ionizer technology to Walton brand AC.

The introduction of ‘Intelligent Inverter’ and ‘Ionizer’ technologies air conditioners in the local market made Walton optimistic about the target of bagging 57 per cent growth in its AC sales in  the current year compared to the last year’s AC sales.

Walton officials claimed that producing world-class AC with the assurance of perfect BTU (British Thermal Unit) through most advanced machines and latest technologies like ‘Golden Fin, eye-caching design and colour, cheap rate, six months replacement guarantee, a wide sales network and service points are resulted in going up the demands for Walton ACs among the customers.

Earlier, the entire local demands were met with the imported air conditioners. At present, high quality ACs are being manufacture within the country.

By the production of world-class high tech ACs, Walton is not only saving huge amount of local currency from the import bills but also bagging significant amount of foreign currencies through exporting ACs, which are congenial to the weather of importers’ countries. 

Abdul Bari, AC marketing head of Walton Group, said, they set an annual target of selling out 57 percent higher number of ACs than those of last year. To achieve the goal, they have already increased the production of ACs and also creating sufficient stocks in their factory. Walton is manufacturing ACs following the weather standard of both home and abroad.

Now, Walton is marketing AC of 10,500 BTU at 35000; AC of 17,200 BTU at Tk 43,900 and 21,000 BTU at Tk 54600 in the local market, Intelligent Inverter AC of 18,000 BTU at Tk 65,000.

Walton R&D (Research and Development) Head Engr. Tapash Kumer Majumder said, they are applying new technology named ‘Anti-corrosive hydrophilic golden colour fin’ in their AC condenser unit whereas such technology is not available in other brands’ AC.

This feature will enhance durability and operative life of the AC’s heat exchanger, even at salty air environment, sunlight dust, wind or harsh conditions, he added.

Dwelling on the distinctive features of intelligent inverter refrigerators, he said, the inverter technology’s ACs usually consume 50 percent less electricity than the general technology’s ACs.

The compressors with inverter technology never switches off even when the temperature stabilizes, but runs at a slower speed maintaining the temperature inside the room, he said adding, thus these compressors consume comparatively low electricity. And, life time of the intelligent inverter technology’s compressors is also very high.

The ISO certified Walton Service Management System (WSMS), has been conducting ‘AC Winter Service Campaign-2016’ across the country to deliver free and home based post sales services to the users of its air conditioners from the last year.

To this extent, WSMS Mechanical Product Service Development’s Head Md Anisur Rahman Mallik said the customers generally do not run their ACs during winter season. With the advent of summer, they again run their ACs. When the user run AC after a long pause, they may find some sorts of problems, he said adding, schedule servicing is needed in this case.

Under this campaign, he said they are providing free home services to those clients, who bought Walton AC after 1st February, 2015 and registered their names by calling to WSMS call center (16267) before 31st January, 2017. 

Walton is providing such sort of free home after sales services under the 2 years free service warranty period, he noted.

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