New and fresh models of Walton fridge, LED Television, Laptop and Air Conditioner are being added to production line this year. Besides, initiatives have been taken to manufacture latest high-tech products like Compressors, Computer Motherboards and Mobile Phones. Bangladeshi brand Walton is going to initiate a new horizon in technology sector in 2017.

SM Ashraful Alam, Managing Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited (WHIL), made the above statements on Monday at the daylong 'Distributors' Conference' organized by Walton Micro-Tech Corporation at Chandra in Gazipur.

He said four fresh models of fridges, equipped with new technology, have been included in the product line at the beginning of the year. They are Glass-Door, Digital Display, Intelligent Inverter and Side-by-Side refrigerators. Walton will start producing new models of fridges this year which will be more affordable in prices, world-standard, high quality and ultra-modern technology based than any other brand in the world. Besides fridges, Intelligent Inverter Technology is being added to Air Conditioners. Next generation Quantum Dot Plus technology’s SpectraQ TV will be added to television production line.

SM Ashraful Alam said Walton currently ranked 17th among the fridge production companies in the world. Walton aims to secure its position in top 10 along with 40 lakh units annual fridge production by 2020. The sale of Walton fridges in 2016 has increased by 42 percent than the previous year. The goal can be achieved if the trend of this growth rate retains.

SM Nurul Alam Rezvi, Vice-Chairman of Walton Group, was present in the function as chief guest. SM Nazrul Islam, Chairman of Walton Group, SM Samshul Alam, Walton Group Managing Director and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited Chairman, Walton Group Directors SM Rezaul Alam, Tahmina Afrose and Raisa Sigma were among other top officials present as special guests.

A special presentation on Walton laptops was held in the conference. SM Rezaul Alam, Director, Walton Group, spoke on the standard, quality, prices and future plans of Walton laptops.   

Around 800 exclusive distributors took part in the daylong conference. The Walton factory complex got festive mood with their presence. Divided into 30 groups, they visited the factories of Walton Hi-Tech and Micro-Tech Corporations.

The distributors visited various production units Walton Hi-Tech and Micro-Tech Corporations and observed the production process of Walton fridges, televisions, air conditioners and other electronics and home appliances. They were amazed by witnessing the ultra-modern machineries used in production, process of quality control and other work process.

The distributors expressed their hopes that Walton will become one of the top brands in international market very soon like local market. Moreover, Walton will brighten the image of Bangladesh in international market by exporting world-class technological products.

38 distributors were rewarded in the conference. Among them, 18 got 'Best among the Best' awards in 6 categories. The rest of the 18 exclusive distributors received special prizes. Among the awardees, one got Dhaka-Bali-Dhaka air ticket while seven were given Dhaka- Kuala Lumpur-Dhaka air tickets. Another seven got Dhaka-Thailand-Dhaka air tickets and the rest of the 17 were given Walton Home and Electronics appliances including Walton LED Televisions.  

The daylong conference ended with a pleasant cultural programme.

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