LED Television


WALTON LED TV provides the viewers with crystal-clear pictures along with vibrant and life-like colors. With full HD display and Dolby Digital surround sound, engineered to provide you with an excessive and unmatched entertainment experience.



MSRP Tk.27,700.00
MSRP Tk.8,990.00
MSRP Tk.10,590.00
MSRP Tk.10,890.00
MSRP Tk.9,390.00
MSRP Tk.11,040.00
MSRP Tk.14,600.00
MSRP Tk.15,600.00
MSRP Tk.15,800.00
MSRP Tk.13,700.00
MSRP Tk.16,000.00
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Online Promotional Price
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