Machine Screw

- Different head, driver styles are available upon customer requirement
- Size range: M2-M6 length 6mm-75mm as per Metric Standard
- Size No. #2 to #14 and length from 1/2'' upto 3" as per Inch Standard

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Cell no: ‎+8801686695678
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- Sheet metal, plastic parts

- Material: High quality "Boron Alloyed Steel" with excellent hardenability 
- We offer 60 degree metric threads with 6g tolerance after forming
- Threads are inspected by go/no go ring gauges
- All dimensions strictly comply with drawing.
- All screws are Quenched and Tempered with heat treatment furnace
- Surface hardness and core hardness is controlled in a way that ensures all the machine screws conform to property class no less than 6.8 grade. Hardness value range 350-480 HV
- White, yellow/seven color and black color Zn coating is available.
- Excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use.  
- Have 96 hours SST against red rust.

- We provide Mill Test Certificate upon request

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