ZX3 is packed with dual rear cameras which is working as one, a 13MP main camera to capture details and 5MP secondary camera to achieve depth-of-field information; getting a professional background blur effect that will offer you more freedom in artistic photography. Dual camera creates much better image quality, and vivid images of every valuable moment. The unique dual camera system lets you to be the photography master. Experience dual-camera with lively and perfect images!


The best moments of life come unexpectedly, and you need a camera ready to capture them all. With the 13MP+5MP Auto Focus dual rear camera with LED Flash, you can be assured of pictures that are exquisitely detailed and stunningly sharp. And the stunning 20MP PDAF front camera guarantees your social media is brightened up with beautiful selfies!


Multilayer lens technique with a sapphire glass layers have been used in all the cameras which will enable true-to-life yet vibrant pictures and can distinguish every detail of ambient environment. Pictures taken in low light and in motion have significantly improved also the heavily optimized white balance and sharpening algorithm make the pictures appear more natural and soft.


Make your every shot a professional piece with the portrait mode of ZX3. By setting a large aperture, you can easily get deep depth of filed which produces professional pictures. Simply clicking favorite point and blurring background, whole picture will be endowed with an artistic nature. You can adjust the degree of blur to 16 levels, from ƒ1 to ƒ16 aperture, based on your requirement, where the bokeh effect will seem so natural that your pictures will become real artistic work.

The brilliant ƒ/2.0 aperture lets you take amazing pictures with a great low-light performance and great bokeh effects. It collects 20% more light than the ƒ/2.2 aperture through the lenses and autofocuses in just 0.1 seconds. The ƒ/2.0 aperture allows more light to enter, thus giving sharp images & lower noise.

To take more radiant selfies, ZX3 is integrated with advanced 4-cell light sensor technology. It boasts outstanding light-capturing capacity that allows you to capture more light in your photos.


ZX3 is equipped with a smart brain & sensitive eyes. Both rear and front camera is coupled with the latest focus technology PDAF, takes only 0.1 seconds to focus. It calibrates instantly, especially under good lighting conditions. You can capture brilliant pictures at the moment of pressing the shutter and enjoy the excellent focusing ability of ZX3 that provides good photo with rich color and clear details.


Show your beauty with the 20MP front camera of ZX3 that takes selfie technology to the next level. Effortlessly capture rich and clear selfies & enjoy superb clarity and vivid, natural colors with every shot you take. The large ƒ/2.0 aperture lens guarantees ample light to enter into the sensor and provides bright and exquisite selfies even in low light. It also provides a large viewing angle of 79°, so that your selfies include all the friends around you. Fall in love with selfie as ZX3 makes your selfie clear, natural, and stunning.


The selfie camera is capable of producing powerful high-resolution images featuring exceptional sharpness and lively colors. It accurately identifies your face, and puts your beauty in focus while adding bokeh effect to achieve the background blur with real-time adjustable preview, which helps you to be center of attention. You will get attractive images with professional level depth-of-field effect naturally.


Capture stunning selfies even in low light with the front selfie flash of ZX3. In low light or even during the night time, you will get good selfies that is hard to achieve. You will get clear and bright selfies without any discomfort to the eyes. Selfie softlight creates the lighting effect to capture your beautiful moments even in dark environment, giving you perfect images every time.


Experience different camera modes and discover the most suitable one for the shot you want to take. Add some special tones to your photos and discover your inner photography skills. Don’t act as a photographer, it’s time to be the one!

Normal Mode: Capture bright and colorful images, even in low light conditions.

Professional Mode: Customize the settings according to the shooting conditions and the desired effect- adjust the clarity and focus mode, set the exposure time and light sensitivity.

GIF: It allows you to take more consecutive shots then turned into an animation.

Time lapse: It describes a way of filming something in which many photographs are taken over a long period of time and are shown quickly, such as sunrise and sunset, blooming trees, ice melting etc.

Slow Motion: Slow motion photography will bring you into another wonderful world and showcases longer moments in shorter videos.