Built with the compatibility to outperform the constant demand of the high-end user, ZX3 houses a 64-bit octa-core processor 2.5GHz paired with a powerful 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB storage facility. This will allow the user to operate multiple apps instantaneously and switch between them seamlessly. Whether there is a need to play games, stream videos, edit photos or conduct any other smartphone activities, ZX3 allows the user to multi-task at the speed of life.


In order to keep pace with the constant development in the field of graphics, Mali™-T880 is the GPU that provides the flagship-class authority to ZX3. The GPU implements new features and optimizations within the micro-architecture such as higher arithmetic manipulation to better handle both sophisticated as well as casual content load. This translates into breathtaking speed, astounding graphics, impressive fluid performance and incredible power efficiency, indulging the user with the prominence of a premium product


Gone are the days when the user had trouble remembering their passcode or drawing mismatched patterns, especially during an urgency. Now, the key to unlock the smart device lies with each individual user- their authentic fingerprint. As smartphones become an integrated part of our life, it is quite essential that we keep our privacy in safe hands. The home button on ZX3 doubles up as a fingerprint sensor that enhances verification through biometrics within 0.2 seconds, implementing a higher level of security and a consistent experience.


Nowadays, the protection of the smartphone displays are as important as the device themselves. There is a constant risk of dropping or scratching the screen, which in turn tends to ruin the appearance of such a beloved gadget. ZX3 has a highly protective scratch proof glass layer, which possesses the qualities that are superior to regular glass or plastic in terms of strength, scratch resistance and texture, making it a durable smartphone. The screen conveys damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity to match the flagship attributes.


Sound plays an integral part when it comes to smartphones. The dual built-in speakers (top and bottom) in ZX3 combines top-of-the-line hardware along with software that utilizes these components to their maximum potential to deliver high-end audibility by incorporating advanced acoustic engineering. This also allows the left and right channels to switch automatically upon rotating the phone to find that perfect balance. The outcome is a deep rich tone that the listeners can enjoy to make the most out of their entertainment.


In order to power an advanced device, it is essential to have a powerful battery that lives up to the expectations by providing convenient and reliable back up power. ZX3 houses an energy-packed 4550mAh Li-Polymer battery that can travel distance. Using the built-in power saving features, extreme mode will let a user to transform the device’s battery utilization to the lowest by accessing phone, message and contacts.