Walton, the country`s leading electrical, electronic goods and automobiles company, is setting up a state-of-the art factory at Chandra in Gazipur where some 10 lakh (1 million) television sets will be manufactured annually.Construction work of the new manufacturing unit is now going on in a full swing and the factory is likely to go into operation at the beginning of next year.The Walton authority has taken a mega plan to export televisions to the international market after meeting local demand and create employment opportunity in the country.The modern factory is being set up on 800,000 square feet of land primarily at Walton High-Tech Industries Ltd at Chandra, the outskirts of capital Dhaka. In future, the size of the factory area will be expanded to 14 lakh (1.4 million) square feet.During a visit to the under-construction factory site on Wednesday, it was found that construction work is going on in a full swing. The Walton officials said the factory is likely to go into full production in the early 2014.The Walton authority expects that production will increase about ten times once the new factory starts its journey.Recently, Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith visited the construction-site of the new factory at Chandra and praised the Walton authority for taking such a major initiative.

The new factory will manufacture high quality smart televisions like OLED, LED, 2K LED, 4K LED and CRT Televisons. Besides, necessary spare parts of televisions like PCB board, panel, mother board, cabinet, etc will also be manufactured here.According to sources, Walton authority is now giving extra attention to manufacture world-class televisions as demand for these television sets has been growing day-by-day both at home and abroad. Television is no more a luxury item in the households of Bangladesh. Rather, it has become an integral part of education, information and entertainment of audience in the country.

Uday Hakim, Operative Director of the Creative and Publications Department of Walton, said an Asian country has been manufacturing television sets for different countries of the world.  As the labour cost has increased substantially in that country recently, price of television sets has also gone up though the quality has not improved at all. In such a situation, a great opportunity has appeared for Bangladesh to enter the global television market in a bigger way.‘We’re awaiting a period of time when the entire world will become dependent on Bangladesh to get high quality electronic products at affordable prices,’ he said.Walton brand refrigerators have already occupied a lion share of local fridge market. It is also manufacturing motorcycles, air-conditioners and some other products that have also attained huge popularity in the country.Besides, the company is going to manufacture 10 home appliances like washing machine, hair dryer, blender, juicer, etc soon.

The authority concerned claims that Walton has proved that it can manufacture high quality and world standard products.

Mostafa Nahid Hossain, an engineer of Walton Micro-Tech Industries Ltd, said that a plant to manufacture panels would be installed at the new television manufacturing factory. Only a few globally renowned television companies of the world have such kind of panel manufacturing plants.

He said Walton would manufacture necessary spare parts of television at its own factory using its own moulds. ‘We’re taking preparations to compete in the global market with unique designs applying our own knowledge.’

Walton’s Management Adviser SM Zahid Hasan said Walton has been manufacturing international standard products from the very beginning. Now it has become essential to manufacture high-quality television sets. Bangladesh may become the world hub of electronic products in future. Walton’s Research and Development department has been working constantly to change the total scenario of country`s electronics industry, he also said.

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