In the today’s busy life, it is very difficult to manage household chores easily and quickly in traditional ways. To bring peace in homes easing the hassles of doing household chores, Walton has brought out several home appliances.
The technology based different varieties of home appliances are bringing happiness in the present day busy life by making household tasks easier and faster. Anyone can feel comfort using products of Walton home appliances.

To help the housewives in getting state-of-the art home appliances easily at an affordable rate, the country’s popular brand ‘Walton’ has taken an extensive initiative to produce and marketing a total of 34 kinds of home appliances locally.

Following the imminent winter season, the industry insiders are hoping of a substantial increase of the sales of some home appliances like room hitter, electric kettle, oven, induction cooker, microwave oven and washing machine. To this extent, the leading electronics, automobiles and home appliances manufacturing company in Bangladesh ‘Walton’ are taking full preparation to take a lion portion of the sales of those appliances by ensuring abundant supply in the local market.

 Apart from those home appliances, Walton will soon launch the marketing of air fryer cooker in the local market. Air fryer cooker is a new technology, which will enable to cook 80 percent fat-free meals in a very short time.

The other home appliances of Walton brand are---air cooler, automatic voltage stabilizer, curry/multi cooker, DVD player, electric cloth dryer, blender, electric kettle, electric pressure cooker, fan, food processor, gas stove, domestic generator, hair dryer, hair straighter, IPS, iron, juicer, kitchen cookware, LED bulb, mixer, mop, oven, rice cooker, salad maker, sandwich maker, sewing machine, toaster, vacuum flask, water dispenser and weight machine.

It was learnt that the demand for these home appliances are increasing in the local market day by day as these appliances improve the people’s living standard by completing their household tasks very easily and quickly. Earlier, the needs of these home appliances were met by importing them from abroad. As a result, the people had to purchase the imported home appliances comparatively at higher prices side by side the country had to count a large amount of currency to pay off the import bills.

To save a huge amount of currency as well as to make the home appliances available at affordable prices, Walton has already come forward with huge investment to produce various kinds of home appliances in Bangladesh. The Walton officials believe that Bangladesh would move one step ahead by producing these home appliances.

Bangladesh has already become self-sufficient in producing fridge, motorcycle and television. Nowadays, these home appliances are being exported to different countries in the world after meeting the local demands. Likewise, the local production and marketing of the home appliances will help the country earn more foreign currencies by exporting after catering the local demand, the local electronics goods manufacturers observed.

Besides, the country’s readymade garment industry uses a large number of steam and dry irons, which are fully imported from the foreign countries. In the coming days, Walton will produce both the industrial and the domestic iron, the company’s officials said.

Analysing the local market, the concerned marketing department of Walton found that there is a colossal demand for the home appliances across the country. But owing to the absence of local manufacturing plants of home appliances in Bangladesh, the demand for these products is fully met with the imported home appliances. Like the electronics and the automobile sectors, this sector has also an immense market potential in Bangladesh.

Regarding the market potential of home appliances in Bangladesh, Assistant Director (sourcing engineering) of Walton Masudur Rahman Masud said, “There are huge demands of home appliances in Bangladesh. But the entire market is import-oriented and there is much debate over the quality of those imported products.”

Aiming to ensure quality products at affordable prices for all classes of people, he said Walton came up with huge investments to produce the home appliances in its individual factory unit.

Meanwhile, Uday Hakim, Operative Director of Walton, said the company is establishing a heavy factory of Walton Micro-tech Corporation at Chandra in Gazipur district to manufacture quality home appliances in Bangladesh.

The construction work of the factory is going on in full swing, he added. “We have already recruited a number of skilled engineers and workforce, he said.

There will also be separate research and development division in that factory, he pointed out.

It may be mentioned that Walton became successful in manufacturing electronics, electrical and automobile products in Bangladesh.

After meeting the local demands, the Walton made fridge, television, air-conditioner and motorcycle are being exported to different countries of the world. The company has been able to represent Bangladesh in the global market as a production-oriented country rather than an import-oriented country.

Walton wants to create a new coruscation in manufacturing and marketing of home appliances in Bangladesh. To this extent, the research and development department of Walton is working relentlessly. 
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