The Walton brand’s 3G enabled multi expert ‘Walpad Pro’ tab featured with Windows 8.1 operating system and also updatable to Windows 10 operating system, marketed last month in the country’s tab market, has gathered huge response from the tab-lovers.

The successful introduction of Walpad Pro in the Bangladesh tab market has paved the way of building a strong business tie between the country’s leading brand ‘Walton’ and the world’s renowned software developer ‘Microsoft Corporation’.

The advanced marketing strategies adopted by the skilled and experienced personnel of Walton Group are resulted in not only capturing a lion market share but also receiving great admiration from the global office of Microsoft Corporation. 

Witnessing the modern marketing strategies, cordial management system, and rising market share of Walton brand, the Microsoft is deeply interested in working with the local electronics giant aimed at expanding the market of its Windows Operating System in Bangladesh. 

“In terms of marketing the Windows OS through mobile and tab devices in Bangladesh, Walton is the only local partner of Microsoft,” said Ruzwana Chowdhury, channel manager (MNA) of Microsoft Bangladesh.

Within a short period, Walton has turned into the country’s top brand among the other local mobile brands,, she said adding: “Thus, we (Microsoft) are eager to build a strong business tie with Walton for expanding the market share of Windows OS in Bangladesh.”

Dwelling on the marketing strength of Walton Group, Chowdhury said, “Walton has a very skilled and experienced marketing team.”

The Walton brand’s Walpad Pro tab has turned into the centre attraction of the tab-lovers within a very short time mainly due to the unprecedented marketing strategies adopted by the company’s strong marketing team, she noted.

The Microsoft global office is also very pleased with Walton, she said adding the general manager for the Asian region of Microsoft Corporation will visit Bangladesh in the current month and hold meeting with Walton regarding the establishment of compact business relationship.

She also hoped that an agreement for further deepening the business tie between Microsoft and Walton may be inked during his visit. 

Lauding the management system of Walton Group, Chowdhury said the management of the local electronics giant is very co-operative.

“We (Microsoft) got cooperation from management authority of Walton up to the mark. Thus, we are very happy for working with them,” she said.

Uday Hakim, operative director (creative and publication) of Walton Group, said world’s renowned software developer Microsoft showing keen interest in working with Walton is a great news not only for us but also for Bangladesh.

“It is a milestone achievement for us,” he added.

Dwelling on the demand of Walpad Pro tab in the market, Walton’s First Sr. Assistant Director (sales and marketing) Asifur Rahman Khan (Asif) said they have already sold out all the tabs of the first lot of Walpad Pro.

Besides Dhaka, this device also received huge customer’s response in the port city Chittagong, Asif said.

In addition, they are receiving bulk orders for Walpad Pro from the country’s corporate houses and the universities, he added.

A good number of representatives from both the public and the private enterprises are communicating with us for buying this device, he noted.

First Sr. Asst. Director (R&D Software) of Walton Engr. Ariful Hoque Raihan said the device has turned into the customer’s top choice as the users can easily perform the tasks of Ms-Office for having the feature of Windows OS. 
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