Following the imminent Eid, the local electronics’ goods manufacturer Walton has posted a record in the sale of its refrigerator during the month of Ramadan as it highly attracted a good number of buyers through supplying world-class standard fridges at cheap rates.

In this Ramadan, Walton experienced nearly 45 per cent growth in the sale of its fridges compared to the corresponding period of last year, according to the company officials.

Besides, the local electronics giant also crossed the sales target of fridges in Ramadan.

Along with the robust sales of refrigerator, Walton also witnessed an upward trend in the sales of its other products like mobile phone, air conditioner and other home appliances.

Uday Hakim, operative director of Walton Group, said Walton has introduced a new era in the fridge technology of Bangladesh through adapting the world’s latest technology, including nano particle.

“With the help of regular research by skilled, experienced and highly qualified personnel, we are applying state-of-the art technology for manufacturing world-class standard refrigerator,” he added.

Considering the customers’ demand, Walton is now manufacturing specially designed large deep based refrigerators, he said.

Besides, the company also cut down the prices of its produced refrigerators as the production overhead is reduced for increasing the production, he added.

The assurance of applying latest technology, world-class standard, swept post sales service and cheap rates has turned the Walton brand’s fridges into ‘hot cake’ in the country’s refrigerator market, Hakim noted.

Emdadul Haque Sarkar, marketing head and executive director of Walton Group, said the sales of Walton brand’s products during this Ramadan are beyond the company’s expectation.

“We set a target of selling 1.20 lakh refrigerators in the month of Ramadan. But before the end of Ramadan, we sold out 1.47 lakh pieces,” he said.

In the country’s refrigerator market, there are some brands that could not sell out total of one lakh pieces of refrigerators in a year whereas Walton sold out over one lakh fridges in a single month, Sarkar noted.

In addition, the announcement of selling Walton brand LED (Light Emitting Diode) televisions at CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) prices in the beginning of Ramadan also resulted in crossing the sales target of LED TV in Ramadan, he said.

Also, the sales of Primo series mobile sets of Walton, other home and kitchen appliances also surged beyond the company’s expectation, he added.

The overall growth in the sales of Walton brand’s products in this Ramadan is 45 to 52 per cent compared to the last Ramadan, he pointed out.

Dwelling on the increase of sales, Sarkar said Walton has won the heart of customers through supplying high technology based world class standard products with eye-catching design at cheap rates. 

The offer of selling Walton brand products at maximum three years installment facility also pushed the company’s sales up, he observed.

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