Ahead of the imminent Eid-ul-Azha, the country’s leading electronics, automobile and home appliance manufacturer ‘Walton’ is marketing 40 models of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television at affordable rates in the country’s electronics market. 

To give the viewers transparent and quality picture, Walton uses brand new picture tubes in its CRT TV.

Besides, the local television manufacturer is also offering world-class LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV at attractive prices.

The Walton authorities said they are taking necessary preparations for marking a record sale of its television this year.

“For manufacturing world-class television at competitive prices, only Walton is exporting television to some countries like India and Nepal,” they said.

Although the demand for LED TV has been increased in Bangladesh during the last couple of years, it could not shrink the demand for CRT, they said.

Still now, a good number of entertainment-lovers still prefer CRT TV for its some special features like affordable rates, durability, clear picture and sound. 

According to Walton, the local company has already increased the production of its CRT television to cater to the growing demand across the country.

Through releasing more than 40 models of CRT TV in the market, Walton has already bagged a lion share of the market, the company officials said adding, they have gained customer’s faith for manufacturing CRT TV with 100 percent brand new picture tube.

They also claimed that no other brand in Bangladesh could release such number of models of CRT TV like Walton.  

Moudud Parvez Mamun, in-charge of television marketing of Walton, said they are increasing production of CRT TV every year considering the growing demand.

The skill and highly experienced personnel of the research and development department of Walton are working on manufacturing world-class televisions, he said.

Besides, more than 1200 engineers and technicians are working across the country to deliver swift after sales service, he added.

The prices of Walton brand television are also reduced as the production cost came down following the growing demand, Mamun added.

Emdadul Haque Sarker, executive director (marketing) of Walton, said, “As we are manufacturing television in accordance with the customers’ demand in our own factory at Chandra in Gazipur, we can ensure highest standard of the produced TV.”

They have already undertake massive preparations in the production process to meet the growing demands for television following the Eid-ul-Azha, he said and also hoping of posting record sales.

Engr. Mostafa Nahid Hossain said Walton is producing televisions through using high speed auto insertion, surface mount technology based machine and environment-friendly wave shouldering machine.

In addition, black colour matrix is used to make the picture livened by increasing the screen’s brightness, he said.

Thus, highest standard are being ensured at each level of the production process, he added.

It was learnt that the viewers can clearly watch Walton brand CRT TV from any angels as its viewing angel is unlimited.  For having 9300-degree K colour temperature, the colour emitted from Walton brand television is also tolerable for viewers’ eye. In addition, 3D filter in hyper brand tuner is applied in its CRT TV to enrich the audio-video signals.

According to Bangladesh TV Manufacturers Association, about 12 to 13 lakh pieces of televisions have been manufactured and assembled every year in Bangladesh. And, around two lakh televisions have been imported annually.  

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