After gaining the apex position in country’s electronics market,  popular local brand ‘Walton’ has focused on expanding its export market aiming to bring it in the premier position of the global electronics market as a Bangladesh’s brand.

To this extent, the country’s leading electronics, automobile, home and kitchen appliances manufacturing and marketing company ‘Walton’ is now moving ahead with long-term strategies.

The strategies include setting up new production units, manufacturing new models of products, establishing international standard testing lab to ensure highest quality of the produced goods, expanding its export destinations, receiving certificates from different countries in accordance with their individual standards.

According to Walton authorities, in a bid to cater the growing demands of the brand’s products at home and abroad, they have already given strong emphasis on increasing the production of its all kind of products.

The production increase is resulted in the reduction of its manufacturing cost, making a pave to improve the products’ quality, they asserted.

The local company has already increased the production of its refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners.

Targeting the world’s developed markets, Walton has set up a new factory unit for manufacturing non-frost refrigerators, they said adding the experimental production in the new unit has already been started. 

When the production will go on in full swing, the existing production capacity will be doubled, they informed.

Taking a plan to export almost half of the produced refrigerators, Walton is strengthening its local and international marketing wings.

Like the refrigerator market, the local brand also bagged a lion portion of the country’s television market.

The Walton authorities claimed that they are producing world-class CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television with hundred percent brand new picture tubes, which are being exported to some countries like India and Nepal.

Besides, the country`s leading brand released high quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) television at affordable rates.

Walton also increased the production of its air conditioners as the demand soared in the local market for ensuring perfect BTU (British Thermal Unit) in its produced ACs.

In addition, the local brand is also setting up a German technology based ultra-modern compressor factory in its Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd at Chandra in Gazipur. 

With the combination of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery, the new unit will manufacture four million world-class compressors annually. Of which, 2.5 million will be exported.

According to Walton, the local brand has also undertaken an initiative to export various kinds of spare parts.

Some countries have already showed their keen interest to import spare parts from Walton, the local brand authorities said.

Walton believes export is an important issue in the today’s globalization as it not only brings huge foreign currencies for the country but also increase the goodwill of the brand.

At present, Walton brand’s products have already been exported to different countries. The export orders have been gone up in some countries.

Some new countries are going to be added in the existing export destinations of the local brand.

The international marketing wing has already strengthened its activities side by side conducted massive research on global market expansion, size and market potential.

Walton received certificates from some international testing and standard institutions in different fields. 

To enter into some regions like Gulf, Middle East, Europe and America, the local brand is completing necessary procedures for registering its brand and logo and receiving certificates in line with the individual standard of those countries.

Roqibul Islam Rakib, senior assistant director of International Marketing Department of Walton, said, “We are conducting our activities targeting the potential markets of America, Europe, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen and some South African countries.”

Rakib said they are discussing with the businessmen of Europe and America on regular basis to open up new avenues.

Along with the orders for finished product, they are also getting export orders for various spare parts, he informed.

“It’s a great news not only for Walton, but also for Bangladesh,” he noted.


They are carrying out their advertising campaigns in the international markets through taking parts in large seminars and electronics’ expo at abroad, Rakib added.

Uday Hakim, operative director of Walton, said they have already been able to secure the leading position in the country’s electronics, automobile, home and kitchen appliances market. 

Now, we have focused on the expansion of our export markets aiming to be a leading global brand. Thus, we are setting up new production units, improving existing products’ quality by adopting cutting-edge technology and conducting massive research and development works.

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