Country's electronics giant Walton has brought revolutionary changes in the television technology sector. The engineers of Walton are conducting research on next generation Quantum Dot Plus technology's SpectraQ TV.

Moreover, 28 patents of LED TV are awaiting approval. Walton enjoyed 313 percent growth on LED TV sales in while record numbers of TV sets were sold in the latest Dhaka International Trade Fair. The brand also captured major share of LED television market of the country.

Sources said the Walton TV factory has been modernized making huge investment. LED televisions are being manufactured in the country using world's latest technologies and machineries. Optical grade extrusion machine had been brought from Germany last year. The work of installing a modern hydraulic die cutting and high speedy ​​dot printing machine is underway. This backlight film of German technology, which constitutes all other parts except the screen, has increased the quality of Walton LED TV. The largest television research and development department of Bangladesh has been set up where Bangladeshi engineers are conducting regular research on technology. Installation of modern machineries reduced production and energy costs but increased sales, which led to frequent price cuts.

Walton authorities said separate manufacturing line has been set up for plastic cabinet, speaker, remote control unit, motherboard and panel production at Walton Micro-Tech Corporation in Chandra of Gazipur, where all components including basic raw material of LED TV are being manufactured. As a result, Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in the production of LED TVs by overcoming the total import dependence of this sector. Quality control is ensured maintaining 'zero tolerance' under its own supervision for which 'Made in Bangladesh' labeled LED TVs are being exported to different countries.

Walton is the only Bangladeshi company to have ISO standard service management system, which delivers fast and quality after sales service through 65 service centers and more than three hundred service points across the country where nearly 3,000 engineers and technicians work.

Abdul Bari, head of Walton Television Marketing Department, said, compared to the previous year, the sales of their LED TVs increased 313 percent last year. The market share of the local brand is swelling up in the local market in every month. Mentioning that, this year, their growth target is 103 percent, he expressed firm determination that the target would be easily achieved in the context of growing customers. Walton witnessed more than 118.21 percent growth on LED TVs sales in the Dhaka International Trade Fair held in January, which is a record and this deeply encourages them.

Walton televisions have been widely appreciated in Canton Fair, the world's largest trade fair recently held in China. The fair authorities allowed Walton to display LED TVs because of the high quality of the Made in Bangladesh product. Walton has waived 28 patents on LED TVs for approval, which will play vital role in the worldwide television research.

Mostofa Nahid Hossain, Additional Director of Walton Television Sourcing Engineering Department, said, Walton has attained remarkable achievements in all fields, including electronics, optical and mechanical designing. Walton is conducting research on next generation Quantum Dot Plus technology's SpectraQ TV, which will instigate a new horizon for Bangladesh in the worldwide television research. The normal technology television is capable of displaying 68 to 70 percent colour whereas Walton's SpectraQ TV will display up to 98.7 percent of the colour. The high tech IPS and HADS panel of Walton LED TVs are being manufactured in ISO class-seven dust free clean room, which ensures the quality and life span of the panel, he added.

The research and development department engineers of Walton are also working on groundbreaking concepts like the world's latest technology zero-bezel display, which the local brand will produce and go on marketing next year.

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