The country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ is going to enter into Nigerian market, the Africa’s largest economic country, for the first time. Initially, Walton brand refrigerators and air conditioners are going to hit the Nigerian market. Later, Walton will export its other products to Nigeria. 

Application of advanced technologies in the production process, world class quality and reasonable rates of Walton brand refrigerators and air conditioners are resulted in attracting the Nigerian importers.

Walton officials think that the Nigerian market will lead the Bangladeshi brand to expand its market to the other African nations. 

The export of Walton products to the Africa’s present economic giant will not only increase the Bangladesh’s image but also brand ‘Made in Bangladesh’ in the global market, they said.

In addition, they said exporting Bangladeshi brand’s electronics products to Nigeria is also a milestone towards the country’s export diversification.

With the aim of importing electronics products from Bangladesh, a three-member business delegation from J&K Walton Technologies NIG Ltd, led by its Chief Executive Officer Johnson Ogbo, visited Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. at Chandra in Gazipur. During the factory visit, the delegation members became surprise witnessing the production process and world-class quality of Walton brand refrigerators and air conditioners and expressed their keen interest to import Walton products to Nigeria. Thus, they completed the import procedure with the International Marketing Division of Walton Group at its Head Office in the capital recently. 

According to Walton, the local brand is now exporting its products to about 19 countries, including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. Now, Nigeria will be added to the list of importing countries of Walton products. J&K Walton Technologies NIG Ltd. will act as the importing enterprise of Walton products in Nigeria. 

Mentionable, Walton has recently received accreditation certificate from Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP) after meeting the requirements of quality standards of Nigeria. 

Roqibul Islam Rakib, head of International Marketing Department of Walton Group, said, “With over 180 million population, Nigeria is a very promising and potential market for Walton. Our products’ quality is similar to other global brands’ products, but our products prices are cheaper compared to other brands products.”



The entire market size of Nigeria is same as Bangladesh market, he said adding, “If we deliver products maintaining highest quality, we will be able to grab a lion portion of the Nigerian electronics market.”

Johnson Ogbo, chief executive officer of J&K Walton Technologies NIG Ltd, said the quality of Walton products is as same as compare to the other international brands.

He hoped that Walton products will do a very good business and also capture a lion portion of the entire Nigerian market within a very short time.

Ogbo also noted that supplying Walton brand products to other neigbouring countries of Nigeria like Ghana, Cameron, Niger, Chad, Mali, Libya, Egypt and Algeria would be easy.

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