The country's leading electronics brand Walton has brought a environment-friendly and energy saving refrigerator with ‘Digital Display’ in its existing model of fridges.

The Digital Display panel with various functions’ keys will help the users make various settings like control the inner temperature of the fridge and so on without opening the door. The latest model of 323-litre or 17 CFT non-frost refrigerators runs on HCFC free R600a gas that neither depletes the ozone layer nor contributes to global warming.

The users can also run this latest fridge without using stabilizer, which is one of the most unique features of ‘Digital Display’ refrigeration.

Engineers of Walton Refrigerator R&D (Research and Development) department said, the digital display panel of the fridge features various keys like Freezer, Refrigerator, Increment and Decrement, Child Lock, Eco and Supercool etc. Users can control or change the settings of temperatures by pressing the keys from outside the fridge door. Moreover, they can set energy efficient mode, supercool mode, eco mode, child lock mode along with choosing the temperature of both normal and deep portions of the refrigerator.  

They said this new model is designed as more user-friendly so that they can fix the temperature of the deep portion at summer or winter mode as needed by pressing the Freezer button once. They can increase or decrease the temperature by pressing the Increment or Decrement buttons. When the Freezer button is pressed for second time, the digital display-1 will show the temperature of the freezer cabinet.

The temperature level of normal cabinet will be displayed in the display-2 when the Refrigerator button is pressed once. Users can keep the freezer compressor running for up to 99 hours through Supercool button. They can also set summer or winter temperatures mode of the normal cabinet as needed.

Child Lock system is another unique feature of this latest model fridge. By pressing this button for about 3 seconds, the users lock the ongoing function all other buttons, which will refrain kids from changing the settings in absence of parents. The further press of Child Lock button for about 3 seconds will unlock all other buttons of different functions.

An Echo key has been added to the digital display, which enables users to run it in super energy efficient mode. Users can set the temperature of the fridge at minus 14, 15 or 16 degree Celsius along with selecting one to three-stars rating which will appear at the Eco icon of the digital display.

The 'Door Open Icon' in the digital display will be active when users open the door of normal cabinet. If the door is kept open for up to 20 seconds, the fridge will make soft sound. If the customer does not close the door within 1 minute, then it will create rough sound. Being it a non-frost fridge, the device will also not produce ice.

Tapash Kumar Mojumder, head of Walton Fridge R&D (Research and Development) department, said, world's latest technology is being added to Walton refrigerators with constant research. Digital Display technology has been added to Walton refrigerators. Besides, Nano Health Care Technology has been used, which automatically prevents bacterial infestation from damaging the foodstuff kept inside the fridge while negative ion keeps the food fresh, tasty and odorless.
Every refrigerator of Walton is released in the market after ensuring the quality by conducting test at international standard verification agency NUSDAT Universal Testing Lab, he added.

Authorities said customers prefer buying Walton refrigerators as they are suitable for local weather condition and for the use of Intelligent Inverter, Nano Health Care and Anti-Fungal Door Gasket technology, one-year replacement guarantee, ten years guarantee for compressors and maximum 36-month easy installment facility.

Uday Hakim, Senior Operative Director to Walton, said, they are the leading brand in local fridge market and have targeted to sell 17 lakh pieces of refrigerators this year. To achieve the target, new technologies and designs like digital display are being added to Walton product line.

Walton is delivering fast and quality service under the ISO certified Service Management System. There are 66 service centers in the country. New service centers will be opened soon in 7 more district cities. Apart from this, Walton is offering after-sales service at more than 300 service points where more than 2,500 engineers and technicians are working.

Walton is providing customers home service for fridges which already been widely appreciated. Customers can avail after sales service all over the year by just dialing 16267. Online service is going to open soon where customers would get the service from home as all data will be stored on a server.

Mentionable, high quality Walton refrigerators are also being exported to foreign countries after meeting the local demand. It is participating in various international fairs in a bid to expand its international market. The Bangladeshi brand has received huge international appreciations by participating at trade fairs in Nigeria and China.

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