Walton, the country's leading brand of electronics and electrical products, is manufacturing huge energy efficient and environment friendly LED lights. The longer operating Walton LED lights are capable of saving up to 90 percent electricity than normal bulbs, which could play a vital role in mitigating power crisis and shortage of the country.

According to sources, the use of LED lights is on the rise for their upgraded features of energy saving capacity, longer life span and free from hazardous materials. The demand and usages of Walton LED lights are increasing for attractive designs, brighter and clear high lumen output, huge energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, free from mercury and UV ray, longer operating life and affordable prices.
Sources at Walton LED lights Research and Development (R&D) department say the most remarkable feature of LED lights is their huge power saving capacity. A 12 Watt Walton LED bulb provides the same amount of light of a 23 Watt CFL bulb. This would save huge energy and cut the electricity bills as well.

According to the statistics of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), the per day power consumption for lighting all over the country is 2,425 MW. The Walton LED lights R&D department says, if all the lights are installed to LEDs, then the per day power consumption of this sector will be only 970 MW. Which means 60 percent or 1,455 MW electricity will be saved per day reducing the power shortage and helping the expansion of electricity services in rural areas.

About the longevity of LED lights, the Walton sources said, they are 5 to 6 times durable than other bulbs. The life span of Walton LED lights is 50,000 to 60,000 hours whereas the life span of GFLs is 1,000 hours and CFLs 8,000-10,000 hours.

Moreover, GFLs and CFLs bulbs contain hazardous materials like toxic mercury and argon gas, which are threats to environment and human health. When a CFL bulb breaks, it releases mercury vapor creating health risks. However, Walton LED lights are free from the hazardous materials and do not contain mercury or argon gas and are 100% free from UV ray. This means the LED lights are more eco-friendly and not harmful for human health.

Walton LED lights are being manufactured at its own factory in Chandra of Gazipur. Walton produces every parts of LED lights like diffuser, heat sink, driver circuit, plastic parts and metal accessories using modern technologies and machineries. The annual production of the factory is 2.5 million pieces. The Walton LED lights are released in the market after testing them on an ultra-modern quality-checking machine. High quality is maintained in every steps of production and the Walton LED lights are tested and certified by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).
Currently Walton is manufacturing and marketing various models of LED bulbs, LED Tube lights, Double Tube Decorative LED lights, LED Down lights, Panel and celling lights. LED Flood lights, High Bay lights and LED Tube Industrial Shed are among the upcoming models. 50 types of LED bulbs ranging from 3 Watt to 13 Watt, 12 types of 8-20 Watt LED Tube lights, 4 types of 12-24 Watt LED Down lights, 4 types of 12-48 types of Panel lights and 36 Watt Double Tube Decorative LED lights are available in the market.

The high standard LED lights can be purchased at affordable prices from Walton Plaza along with retail sellers of electric appliances all over the country. Customers will enjoy two-year replacement warranty for all kinds of Walton LED lights.

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