The sales of Walton brand LED televisions are witnessing remarkable growth as the holy month of Ramadan is going on which will be followed by Eid-ul-Fitr. Besides, Champions Trophy in England, that is going to begin on 1st June, also boosted up the local TV market as cricket lovers are planning to watch the matches live.

The curtailed office timings during Ramadan (9.00am-3:30pm) let people to return home early. Moreover, most of the matches of Champions Trophy including the opener between hosts England and Bangladesh will commence on 3:30pm.

Therefore, people will get leisure to watch the matches. Besides, Muslim devotees watch televisions to enjoy Islamic programs, news and the timings of Sehri and Iftar. All of these resulting in the boost in local TV market. Customers are mainly choosing Walton brand LED televisions for their attractive designs, high quality and affordable prices.

Mostofa Nahid Hossain, Additional Director of Walton Television Sourcing Engineering Department, said, Walton has brought revolutionary changes in the LED TV technology sector. It has already expanded its LED TV manufacturing capacity and achieved the annual production from 0.7 million to 1.3 million to fulfil the local and foreign market demand. It has set up ISO Class 7:10000 dust free clean room with controlled temperature and humidity and installed high speed SMT machine. Moreover, LGP-LDP manufacturer machine of German technology has been set up, which will improve the picture quality of LED televisions. The local brand is ready to increase the annual production capacity to 2 million by the end of the year.

He said, the design and outlook of Walton LED televisions drew wide appreciations in the Canton Fair, the world's largest trade fair recently held in China. After meeting the local demand, the world standard Walton LED televisions are being exported to India, Nigeria, Nepal and Bhutan. Walton already achieved BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and SONCAP (Standards Organization of Nigeria) certificates for export. Moreover, process of exporting Walton LED TVs to East Timor, Sri Lanka and Somalia is going on. 
Amdadul Hoque Sarker, Executive Director and Head of Marketing of Walton, said, this year, they have targeted to achieve 40-50 percent growth on LED TV sales during Ramadan. The market trend over the past few days hints the target would be achieved easily. Besides, the cost of production has decreased as all parts and basic raw materials are prepared in Walton's own factory. He said that customers would enjoy the benefits.

Abdul Bari, head of Walton Television Marketing Department, said, Walton has released six new models of 32-inch LED televisions centering Eid. Besides, the production of 24 and 32-inch televisions has been increased for huge demands from the customers.

He said, at present, a total of 66-models of LED televisions ranging from 19-inch to 55-inch are available in the market among whom eight models are of smart TV. The lowest price of 19-inch LED TV is only 8,990 BDT while 24-inch costs 13,700, 28-inch 16,900 and 32-inch BDT 18,800. Moreover, 32-inch Walton LED smart TV is available at 23,900 BDT.

Customers will enjoy 6-month replacement guarantee in all models of Walton LED TV while 2-year warranty for LED panel and spare parts along with 5-year free service warranty.

Mentionable, Walton is the only Bangladeshi company, which has ISO standard Service Management System to provide customers fast and quality after sales service through 65 service centers and over 300 service points where nearly 3,000 engineers and technicians work.

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