‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled Walton brand’s exportable products drew the attention of the foreign buyers at the ongoing 121st Canton Fair, began on April 15 at Guangzhou province in China.

Witnessing some distinctive features of Walton products like application of world’s most advanced technologies, world-class standard, lucrative design and competitive prices, a good number of buyers from Lebanon, Indonesia, Middle East and some African countries showed their keen interest in importing the Bangladeshi made Walton products in their respective countries.

Already, some of the buyers from different countries intended to import Walton brand compressors and necessary raw materials. Some of the buyers at Walton Pavilion also expressed their interest in visiting Walton Industrial Park in Bangladesh.
Mentionable, Walton is a pioneer Bangladeshi company which took part in Canton Fair for the two consecutive years under the category of Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances. Walton set up a mega pavilion at the International Pavilion ground in the fair to showcase its wide-range of world-class products like intelligent inverter technologies refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, LED televisions, rechargeable fans, electric switch-sockets, induction cookers, blenders, acid lead rechargeable batteries and so many products.

While visiting Walton Pavilion, Ali Mobarak, proprietor of Mohammad & Ali Mobarak Est. of Lebanon, was overwhelmed by experiencing the quality and lucrative design of Walton brand non-frost refrigerators. Already, he assured Walton Pavilion’s of importing a bulk amount of non-frost refrigerators with intelligent inverter technology in Lebanon.
Ali Mobarak said, the non-frost refrigerators of Bangladeshi Walton products are perfectly suitable for the Lebanese market. Prices are very much competitive, he said and hoped that Walton brand fridges would secure a strong position in the Lebanese market.

After visiting Walton pavilion at Canton Fair, some electronics appliances manufacturers in Indonesia and Malaysia also expressed their interest in importing Walton brand compressors. Some of compressors’ manufacturers also discussed with the Walton representatives on importing necessary raw materials of compressors.
From the beginning of the world’s largest electronics expo, a good number of buyers and businessmen are thronging the Walton Mega Pavilion to get ideas on its showcased products.

At the inaugural day of the fair, Vice Minister for the Commerce Ministry of China Fang Aqing and some other high officials of Chinese government visited the Walton Pavilion. The vice minister praised Walton for displaying ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled export quality electronics and electrical appliances.

At the Walton booth in Bangladesh, he said that the Canton Fair is also a platform for innovation and exchange, welcome all innovative, in line with market demand for products to enter the Chinese market.

In addition, some other foreign buyers names David Pigozzi from Italy, Satish from India, Humphery Chang from Fiji, Surgey Bulgakov from Ukraine, Al Rawshid from Iraq, James T Paul and Dr. Talat Haffar from United Arab Emirates showed interest in creating business relationship with the Bangladeshi Walton after visiting the Walton Pavilion.

Md Roqibul Islam, head of international marketing of Walton Group, said that fair’s visitors are greatly emphasizing on the products quality and price competitiveness of different brands. To this extent, Walton brand is in a competitive position compared to other brands, he said adding, the visitors were gathered ins and outs information on Walton brand products from the company’s representatives. And finally, they expressed their satisfaction on the prices and quality of Walton brand products.

To attract visitors at Walton Pavilion in Canton Fair, Walton conducted massive advertisement campaign. Advertisement boards of Walton brand were hung at three important places of the fair. In addition, documentary on Walton Group, its present product lines and production process will be run on the video screen.

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