More than 700 models of electronics and electrical products  of Walton are being displayed and sold out at Walton Pavilion in the ongoing month-long 23rd Dhaka International Trade Fair in the capital.

Walton Pavilion's Convener Shah Shahid Chowdhury said although there is a stock of all products but latest and most demanded products are being displayed at the fair. 
"It is not possible to display all our products due to lack of space but the products will be arranged according to the demand of buyers," he said.

Walton brand is in top position in the country's electronics and electrical appliances sector. That’s why Walton is responsible to its buyers. So, we want to ensure quality and best service after sales. Walton brings changes in products' model design and colour. Consequently, Walton has brought more than 700 models this year.
Walton is also providing free home delivery service to the customers.

This year Walton's new attraction is industrial solution such as LGP, LDP, master batch, aluminum foil and both-sided tape etc.  Of them, there are some products including component, plastic component and steel component which are exported.
Two sales centers have been set up at Walton Pavilion in the fair venue. As a result, the buyers can pay their bills without any sufferings.

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